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Our Working Process

In 3 Steps


Developing potential through recording, playback and critique


Using footage recorded to create professionally edited showreels


Using footage to deliver clients aspirations in career & business


The Television Training Academy is a subsidiary of the TV Training Group Ltd which includes Australia’s leading TV presenter training facility in Fox Studios, Australia and the TV Training Academy India, Malaysia & Africa. 

We’ve been training people to become TV Presenters for over ten years and many now appear on BBC, ITV, Sky and other major TV channels world wide. In fact, it’s almost certain that if you watch television then you’ve probably seen someone who has been trained by us!  

Our professional team can show you how to break into the world of Television & Corporate/Social Media Marketing and make sure that your TV presenting is the best it can be. 

TV Presenting isn’t simply about looks or age its far more than that, it’s all about connection with your audience. We believe that you already have the resources to be a TV presenter, now let us show you how to use them. 

We also provide training for established TV Presenters, Media professionals, Politicians, Civil Servants, Corporate Exec’s and Small Business Managers.

Things to Consider Before you Book

You’re investing in your future career so don’t be afraid to ask questions and also ask to see examples of showreels, photos and testimonials. 

Whoever you choose to help you start your career our advice is to research the company and the company’s owner/director first. A simple google search of their name may reveal some interesting history. 

Who have they trained that is now working as a TV Presenter and check that they have actually trained them. If they say ‘worked with’ this could mean they were a runner on set and never actually met the Presenter. 

Ensure you get a reciept for any payments and never pay for your course in cash.

You've Most Likely Seen Some of Our Clients

Some of our well known personalities and have been featured in various TV & Radio shows including Dragon’s Den, Charlie Brookers ‘Screenwipes’ (BBC), ‘Search for a Presenter’ series 1 & 2, Oxford FM and we’re also the people behind ‘Relocation or Vacation’ and ‘USellTV’. 

Whether you’re looking for professionally filmed and edited content, a show reel, a sizzle reel, very specific one to one bespoke training or the complete TV presenter training course we can help. 

Simply book online, email or call us on 

Freephone – 08000 463 447

‘Be careful what you dream for… If you train with us, it might just come true!’