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Kids Courses: 8 to 15 Years

Great communication and presentation skills are essential for success but are rarely taught in schools or colleges. Our 1 Day Kids TV Presenting courses helps develop these essential skills in Children while at the same time building self-confidence and belief. 

During the day we’ll discover how to communicate effectively and why body language and vocal tone are so important. We’ll then use these newly acquired skills to film each student presenting several different TV show scenarios such as co-presenting, auto cue and green screen, the footage will be made into a show reel for each presenter to keep. 

Our courses are run by some of the industry’s top media coaches including writers and Directors from CBBC. 

We can also arrange 1 to 1 sessions, private group bookings and drama and public schools bookings. Call for details: 0800 046 3447 

Kids Movie Poster
Kids Movie Poster Example