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Online TV Presenting Masterclass

You’ll discover the essential core skills to presenting in a confident, natural and engaging way.

Using our unique ‘3 Dimensional Communication skills’ training system that has been developed over 15 years you’ll gain valuable knowledge on communication and presenting techniques that every presenter should know and understand. We’ll then show you how to use the tools of the trade like autocue, working to time, hitting marks and much more.

Over an hour of core skills training this is a very much to the point training video with no long stories or filler just essential key skills that you can use straight away. We’ll then cover how to go forward and find work looking at networking, agents, cover letters, social media, personal branding, casting websites and much more giving you a clear direction to get your TV Presenting career started.

Normal price £97.00
Limited time only: £38.68

This course is also great for anyone needing to make video content for their business through the form of blogs, Youtube etc. You will be introduced to a number of marketing techniques including social media, networking, branding etc. 

Course Breakdown

Section 1: 3D Communication

Section 2: Presenting Techiniques

Section 3: Autocue

Section 4: Interviewing

Section 5: Getting Work

Bonus Section: Script Writing

17 Videos on Essential Core Presenting Skills

Plus 3 Bonus videos on script writing