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Shopping TV

On our Shopping TV & Sales Workshop we’ll show you how to use the secrets the professionals use to make normal, everyday items sound appealing.

As a shopping TV presenter or product demonstrator you’ll need to get your sales messages across in an effective and engaging way without losing your audience.

During our workshop you’ll become a more confident presenter and discover some of the best techniques used on shopping TV like “Transfer of Ownership”, “Power of Three” & “Away Motivation”, which combined with effective presentation techniques, makes your sales skills unstoppable.

This workshop is ideal to those new to Shopping TV and experienced presenters who are looking to increase their sales.

What You'll Cover:

•Live & Interactive

•Mental Ladders 

•Prop Handelling

•Persuasive Communication


There is also an opportunity to purchase the footage you record, which will be professionally edited for you to use as a marketing tool to support the growth of your presenting career.